The valley of Stølsmaradalen is a hidden treasure. The route starts up the hilly path towards Gravdalen/Stølsmaradalen. The view is amazing! You will pass several old pine trees on your way. 


When you walk along Brendeteigen you will have a panoramaview over the Vettisfossen waterfall and the surroundings in the valley of Utladalen. 


Stølsmaradalen summerfarm is one of DNT`s most beautiful locations. You can stay the night if you have a key from the National Tourist Association (DNT).


To reach the farm in Vetti you descend down Brendeteigen all the way to the river Utla. When you cross over the river you should take the opportunity to walk to the foot of the Vettisfossen waterfall. Vetti Farm is open for accommodation and service during the summer months, and from there you have to walk for 4,5 km to get to the parking at Hjelle.