The peak of Stølsmaradalstind is reachable from Avdalen Farm, but it is a stretch. If you start out from the valley of Stølsmaradalen, the hike is a bit shorter. 


The picture below shows you the peak of Austanbotntind with the valley of Utladalen in the background. This picture was taken from the glacier Ringsbreen. The easiest way to reach the top is to start out from the mountain road Tindevegen by the tollbooth, but the climb demands some use of safety equipment, so we encourage you to rent a guide from either Turtagrø or Bre & Fjell.


The easiest peak to reach in Hurrungane is the peak of Store Soleiebotntind. You can hike to the top from the tollbooth at the mountain road Tindevegen. The view from the top is spectacular. 

Another fantastic trip in Hurrungane is to reach the top of the peak of Ringstind via the valley of Ringsdalen, in spring before the snow melts.  The peak is better to reach using skiis, because the glacier can be very demanding during the summer. 

The view from the peak of Ringstind towards the peak of Stølsnostind and the peak of Falketind, with the valley of Utladalen in between. 


The peak of Store Skagastølstind seen from the peak of Ringstind. 



Gravdalen used to be the summerfarm for Avdalen Farm, and is situated approximately 1 hour hike from Avdalen Farm. 

The route follows the path towards Stølsmaradalen until you reach an intersection. Our route goes left past the springfarm Vårstølen. This is were the farmers took their animals early in the spring. The path towards Gravdalen continues upwards until the landscape opens up and you see the beautiful summerfarm of Gravdalen. 

You can stay the night in the upper building if you have a key from the National Tourist Association (DNT). 



The valley of Stølsmaradalen is a hidden treasure. The route starts up the hilly path towards Gravdalen/Stølsmaradalen. The view is amazing! You will pass several old pine trees on your way. 


When you walk along Brendeteigen you will have a panoramaview over the Vettisfossen waterfall and the surroundings in the valley of Utladalen. 


Stølsmaradalen summerfarm is one of DNT`s most beautiful locations. You can stay the night if you have a key from the National Tourist Association (DNT).


To reach the farm in Vetti you descend down Brendeteigen all the way to the river Utla. When you cross over the river you should take the opportunity to walk to the foot of the Vettisfossen waterfall. Vetti Farm is open for accommodation and service during the summer months, and from there you have to walk for 4,5 km to get to the parking at Hjelle.